This is Coritha's official website and we would like to invite you to get to know more about the Philippines' foremost singer, songwriter, performer, recording artist and pioneering OPM advocate. Better known as the PEOPLE'S SINGER, Coritha's songs have stood the test of time and have touched, inspired and entertained Filipinos in countless ways.


As the world sang, danced and partied to Al Gore's Live Earth 24-hour musical extravaganza to combat global warming, some eco-friendly and patriotic Pinoys made sure the Filipinos would not be left behind. Led by singer-songwriter Coritha, the Filipinos' presence was indeed felt via  a music video entitled "One Earth" which they submitted as the Philippines' contribution to the global event.

Perhaps the only one of its kind among the seven thousand events registered in support of the Live Earth concerts, most of which were parties, the video is based on Coritha's new environmental song entitled "One Earth" and which she herself composed and sung.

According to the singer, the original idea was to organize a big concert to coincide with the Live Earth concerts except that the reply to her group's request came too late. After two months of repeated inquiries Al Gore's group finally replied on June 8, 2007 in an email sent by Moriah Whoolilurie, Manager of the Friends of Live Earth, allowing Coritha's group to organize it's own Live Earth event.

It will be recalled Coritha questioned the lack of representation coming from third world countries like the Philippines in the Live Earth concerts and challenged Al Gore to give the Philippines a chance.

Though temporarily shelved in favor of a music video, Coritha is still hopeful she could still organize a concert at a later date that is, if enough individuals, groups and business entities will join and support her. The title of the concert? "One Earth," she says "and everyone is welcome regardless of political or religious affiliation,"

Meanwhile, the "One Earth" song and music video have been endorsed for airing by the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkasters ng Pilipinas or KBP in all of its 100 member stations. It has also received the support of the Catholic Media Network, the Philippine Broadcasting Service, NBN channel 4, IBC channel 13, RPN channel 9 and DZRJ, a popular radio and television network.  
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